First things First

I thought you’d never ask, Mero

I am Him. The one you were told about.

The guy that your wife still casually flirts with although you told her it makes you uncomfortable (Get some confidence buddy, We are just friends)

The dude who always pays his bill in cash only. Perfect change. 30% tip…ON A BAD DAY

The person whose DNA is being used as the prime ingredient in the COVID vaccine. (Except J&J. They didn’t cut the check)



We are here today to appreciate some of the work that Shem has accomplished

He has travelled far and wide through the treacherous parts of the internet to teach some of these so called challengers that they cannot throw rocks at the sun

If you want to get a live view of this master at work, check out his Twitch (link at the bottom of the page)

If you wanna learn more about Shem (Gaming, Life Story , Future goals etc.) Stay tuned in.

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